Anime: [OP1] BanG Dream! 2nd Season
Artist: Poppin’Party
Lyricist: Nakamura Kou
Composer: Fujinaga Ryutaro
Arranger: Fujinaga Ryutaro

Audio & Lyrics

Kyōshitsu no mado no soto hashagu koe
Komorebi wa kirakira furisosoide
Mainichi ga tokubetsu datta basho ni
Minna mata atsumatteta

Watashitachi ga tsunagatteru imi
Tabun… gūzen janai
Datte oto wo awasetara ――

Kizuna Music♪
Tada hitamuki ni oikakete ita
Mune no oku no omoi kidzuitara
(Minna de) chizu wo hirogete
Kibou no michi wo jiguzagu susumou!

Kizuna Music♪
Daisuki na uta yakusoku no uta eien no uta
Todokeyou! Watashitachi itsudatte
Seiippai! Forever for dreaming!
Yume no mukō e ――

Deatta toki no koto oboete iru?
Afuredasu omoi hibiki au yume
Kidzuitara kizutsuite kizutsukete
Kizuna mata fukamatteta

Gonin dake ga shitteiru koto tabun
… Sugu omoidasu
Uta ga oshiete kureru yo

Kizuna Music♪
Ano hashi watari ano oka wo koe
Sono kabe wo koetara kimi ga ita
(Aeta ne) hyōshiki no nai
Mayoi no michi mo kimi to nara ikeru

Kizuna Music♪
Taisetsuna uta seishun no uta hajimari no uta
Seiippai! Forever for dreaming!
Uta wo shinjiru ――

Itsuka omoide ni kawatta toki
Kono uta wo kiitanara
Donna koto wo kanjiru ka na?
Itoshikute yasashiku ureshikute setsunakatta
Omoi subete dakishime ――

Kizuna Music♪
Kokoro furuete yūki afurete
Namida ga de chaisō utaou yo
(Minna de) koe takarakani
Ashita no uta wo mirai e no uta wo!

Daisuki na uta yakusoku no uta eien no uta
Todokeyou! Watashitachi itsudatte
Seiippai! Forever for dreaming!

Kimi to isshodayo
Forever for dreaming!
Kimi wo shinjiru ――

教室の窓の外 はしゃぐ声
木漏れ日は キラキラ降り注いで
みんな また集まってた

わたしたちが つながってる意味

ただひたむきに 追いかけていた
胸の奥の思い 気づいたら
キボウの道を ジグザグ進もう!

大好きな歌 約束の歌 永遠の歌
届けよう! わたしたちいつだって
精一杯! Forever for dreaming!

出会ったときのこと 覚えている?
あふれだす思い 響きあう夢
気づいたら 傷ついて傷つけて
絆 また深まってた

五人だけが 知っていることたぶん

あの橋渡り あの丘を越え
その壁を越えたら キミがいた
迷いの道も キミとなら行ける

大切な歌 青春の歌 始まりの歌
奏でよう! 何度でもいつまでも
精一杯! Forever for dreaming!

いつか 思い出に変わったとき
愛しくて 優しく 嬉しくて 切なかった
思いすべて 抱きしめ――

心震えて 勇気あふれて
明日の歌を 未来への歌を!

大好きな歌 約束の歌 永遠の歌
届けよう! わたしたちいつだって
精一杯! Forever for dreaming!

Forever for dreaming!

There’s a rowdy voice from outside the classroom’s window
The sunbeams are bright and pierce through the trees
The special place where we were everyday
Let’s meet up there again

The reason why we were connected
It probably wasn’t coincidence
Because when we connect our sound――

Kizuna Music♪
We were just earnestly chasing after it
The feelings deep inside your heart
When you come to realize them (With everyone) Broaden the map
Let’s zigzag forward in this road of hope!

Kizuna Music♪
A beloved song, a song of promise, a song of eternity
Let it reach! We’ve always been…
With our all! Forever for dreaming!
Let’s go to the direction of our dreams!

Do you remember the time we met?
Feelings overflow, dreams reverberate
Before we knew it, we hurt and got hurt
Our bonds deepened again

Only the 5 of us know
But you can probably quickly remember
That you taught me how to sing

Kizuna Music♪
When we cross that bridge and go over that hill
If we overcome that wall…
You were there (We met each other) There are no signs
In this road of doubts, I’ll go on if you’re with me!

Kizuna Music♪
A treasured song, a song of youth, a song of the beginning.
Play it! No matter how many times, always…
With all we’ve got! Forever for dreaming!
Believe in this song――

Someday, when these turn into memories
When you listen to this song
What kind of emotion would you feel?
Beloved and gentle. Happy and Sorrowful.
Embrace all those feeling――

Kizuna Music♪
My heart is trembling, it’s overflowing with courage
I’m singing while I’m close to tears
(With everyone) I raise my voice
With the song of tomorrow! With the song of moving to the future!

That is…
Kizuna Music♪
A beloved song, a song of promises, a song of eternity
Let it reach! We have always been
With our everything! Forever for dreaming!
I am with you
Forever for dreaming!
I’ll believe in you

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